At Brains Beers & Bites we aim to solve a technical challenge of a fellow community member in combination with some beverages. In this 90 minute (online) gathering, we focus on solving a community member’s challenge using your engineering brains. Brains Beers & Bites is an event exclusively for RoboHouse Members.

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About the first edition of Brains Beers & Bites

Lobster needs a solution to lift a sewer pipe out of the water, onto the ship’s deck. Challenge is to attach the pipe without having a human being overboard.
This means complete operation from the ship’s deck under difficult conditions. The height of the ships deck can be 20 meters above the water line.

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About Lobster

Lobster consists of an interdisciplinary group of TU Delft students who wanted to look at the neat stuff in the deep sea, but found existing robots too expensive. Hence, they decided to do what any self-respecting engineering students would do, and try to build something cheaper using their experience on the design of the SHRIMP camera module for the Lunar Zebro TU Delft moon rover.

Over the past two years since then, as they learnt more and more about building deep sea robots, more and more cool people joined the team.



29/04/2021 – 29/04/2021
16:00 – 17:30
Online via ZOOM