New technological developments in areas like quantum computing, big data, robotics, block chain, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) create opportunities, but also raise societal and ethical challenges. Responsible innovation is needed in order to ensure a successful implementation and long-term benefits for companies, citizens and society alike. Design for values is a powerful strategy to achieve this. It requires addressing moral values such as privacy, transparency, safety, security, trust, autonomy and well-being pro-actively and early on in the innovation process.

This master class will give executives the chance to (1) deepen their understanding of digital ethics and how moral values may be embedded in new technologies and (2) acquire inspiration for guiding their own organisation towards responsible innovation.

For whom is this Master Class?

This master class is meant for CEOs, CTOs and other senior executives of companies working on innovations in the digital domain, for example in the areas of big data, robotics, block chain, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

Our top teachers

Your host and main teacher for this executive master class will be prof. dr. Jeroen van den Hoven, scientific director of the Delft Design for Values Institute. In addition a range of experts will guide you through various topics and cases, including professor of Interactive Intelligence Catholijn Jonker and professor of Ethics and Technology Ibo van de Poel. A more extensive and final list of the teaching staff will be announced in due time.

What will you learn?

Digital Ethics & Design for Values

  • Fundamentals and latest insights from the field of ethics and information technology
  • To critically reflect on new digital technologies from an ethical perspective
  • Different ways of understanding key values such as privacy and autonomy
  • How values may be translated into design requirements using the ‘values hierarchy’
  • Recognising value conflicts in design – even if or after values have been built into them – and developing strategies to overcome them
  • Design for values as part of a broader responsible innovation strategy

Recent Developments & Case Studies

Throughout the course you will learn about recent technological developments and the ethical issues that they raise, for example (list to be finalised):

  • Developing Artificial Intelligence with an internal ethical compass (confirmed)
  • Safety & the responsibility of self-driving cars
  • Privacy, the greater good & the internet of things
  • The ethics of data-intensive research


Please contact dr. Ilse Oosterlaken ( if you have any questions about this master class.

21/11/2019 – 22/11/2019