RoboValley is hosting an online meeting of local entrepreneurs from the Delft area, with Managing Director Jaimy Siebel leading an inquiry into how robotics could work for entrepreneurs of all sizes.

On Thursday 4 June, participants will be engaging with a series of questions drawn from recent developments at RoboHouse, our robotics fieldlab where research talent, students and start-ups collaborate with businesses and corporate partners to accelerate innovation.

Attendants are to debate questions such as : “How may robotics enter our daily lives? Would I want a robot to stock the shelves of my favourite shop?” And “How can I decide whether robotics could actually add value to my own working processes?

Some eyebrows may be raised, and yet, at the same time, these are actual issues today, as society is preparing for more intense collaboration between people and intelligent systems.

Siebel will lead the discussion and then kick off two sessions around topics of equal weight: retail and food production. The conversation on retail will be led by Bas Lammers, coordinator of the Discover programme at RoboHouse. Participants are invited to investigate how robotics may contribute to better distribution, and whether that can lead to improvement of employee health. The other group will dive into food production and address the important issue of control: “How can we make sure that the added value of robotics is led back to the local entrepreneur?”

Want to mingle with local business people? → Do jump right in and sign up here for an inquisitive virtual afternoon at RoboHouse 

The backstage tour is an ongoing initiative from, a magazine and platform for connecting and inspiring entrepreneurs in the Delft area.

16:00 – 17:00