Almost all companies need partners for successful innovation. Joint innovation is the new standard. How do you co-create best on innovation? How do you share ideas without a potential partner running off with them? In the workshop “The Innovation Matrix” on May 23 in RoboHouse Delft, you learn which innovation models best suit the collaboration that you are looking for. You will see that intellectual property (IP) is not a necessary evil, but rather a catalyst for your business model. This workshop is intended for Holland Instrumentation (HI) entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs in the HI-tech manufacturing industry.


The workshop starts at 12:45 and lasts until 17:30.

  • Collective innovate and IP; challenges and opportunities
  • Case: SME, corporate and technology institute
  • Break
  • Discussing cases in subgroups:
    • Partnership: how do you find the right partner?
    • IP: “If you cannot share, you cannot multiply”
  • Plenary feedback and take-home toolbox
  • Drinks

Moderators: Mirjam Ros and Deepika Jeyakodi 

Mirjam and Deepika are the authors of the recently published book “The Innovation Matrix”. Both are employed by HI participant Airbus Defense and Space Netherlands and are respectively Director Commercial, Contracts & Legal and Contracts & Bid Manager.

Mirjam Ros and Deepika Jeyakodi (image: Mike van Bemmelen)

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12:45 – 17:30