Danish robotics company Blue Ocean Robotics opens a new office in RoboValley. The Dutch establishment of the company will operate under the name Blue Ocean Robotics Benelux. Jaap van Leeuwen, Robo Group BV, will become CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics Benelux.

Blue Ocean Robotics is a company founded in February 2013, headquartered in Odense, Denmark. With over 90 employees, the company designs and develops robotics solutions for various corporate processes. Due to their headquarters in Odense, they are also actively involved with RoboBusiness Europe 2016 – which will be hosted in the same city.

“Blue Ocean Robotics choosing to open an establishment in Delft shows the power of RoboValley”

“There is a real need for companies who specialise in taking up new research results, transforming them into robotic products and bringing them successfully to market through an effective commercialisation process. Delft is the home of Delft University of Technology, the most prominent university and research institute in robotics in the Benelux. When combined with a strong base of companies – from a variety of sectors – there is a very promising opportunity for a company like Blue Ocean Robotics to be successful in the Benelux, as this company has already proven to be among the world leaders when it comes to robotic product development, commercialisation and internationalisation of sales”, says Jaap van Leeuwen. “Blue Ocean Robotics can also play a vital role in the ecosystem as mediator between existing industries and universities”.

“Blue Ocean Robotics choosing to open an establishment in Delft shows the power of RoboValley.” says Arie van den Ende, director of RoboValley. “Blue Ocean Robotics is a welcome addition to the companies that have already established themselves in RoboValley. We are proud that a world leader like Blue Ocean Robotics is coming to Delft.”