At RoboCafé we are used to exploring new territory but in the March edition we went one giant leap further thanks to a TU Delft Aerospace Engineering student who came to tells us about her mission to Mars. Dilge Gül is a member of the newly formed Team Rust, preparing to take on the red and rocky terrain of a Martian landscape in the European Rover Challenge.

For half a century rovers have been a crucial vehicle for space exploration and their importance is growing. Gianfranco Vicentin, Head of the European Space Agency’s Automation and Robotics section explains: “we need to return there, we need to plan more missions but we need to be able to do that to a very large extent. Rovers that we have now can make tens of kilometres and next will do hundreds of kilometres and go places we can’t go now.”

The European Rover Challenge is a student competition which culminates in field trials due to take place in Mars Yard, in Poland this September. Teams will test out their rovers on a track with a topography similar to that found on the Red Planet.

Team Rust is at the early stage of preparations and is looking for more sponsorship and more team members. → Contact Team Rust!