These are exciting times. With digital network 5G coming up, and its successor 6G around the corner, the Do IoT Fieldlab (Delft on the Internet of Things) is expanding its testing facilities for new applications and for faster digital communications.

“These new additions to our infrastructure make it easier for students, companies and scientists to test all kinds of products and services in the field of Internet of Things,” says Lenneke de Voogd, programme manager from TU Delft.

In the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices exchange information via wireless connections, for example to convey a sense of touch during remote operations in the medical field.

Powered by a super-fast connection with high reliability and short response times, a surgeon can remotely operate with a robotic arm – with 5G enabling the robot arm to respond extremely quickly.

Like RoboValley, the Do IoT Fieldlab offers not just infrastructure, but it is also part of the TU Delft Campus, a co-creation community driven by knowledge sharing and societal impact.

The researchers, startups, SMEs and large companies that are part of this community meet and work together in practical environments to try out new innovations, for example self-driving cars or drones that monitor rescue operations at sea.

The Do IoT Fieldlab is an initiative of TU Delft, TNO, the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Region (MRDH), the Holland-Rhineland region, the municipalities of Delft and Katwijk and the province of South Holland.