Thunderbirds are go at Fleetcleaner! This RoboValley start-up is quite literally cleaning up the shipping industry via the use of robots to inspect and clean ships in port. But it’s not just about getting vessels ship-shape before they head off to sea. By removing the drag-inducing slime, algae and barnacles from vessels, Fleetcleaner is also reducing fuel consumption, saving money and reducing carbon emissions

The 20 people strong start-up has already proven the viability of their technology and business model with Thunderbird 1. This mothership which controls the cleaning robot has successfully cleaned more than 100 sea ships and saved some 70,000 tons of CO2.

Having received additional investment from the Rotterdam Port Fund in December, Fleetcleaner is now buying a second ship: Thunderbird 2. The 60 metre vessel will be converted to contain living berths for four crew members, plus the cleaning installation. It will be operational in major Dutch and Belgium ports by summer of this year, with the team also considering a third investment overseas by the end of the year.

One of Fleetcleaner’s hull cleaning robots in action.

Interested in coming on board with Fleetcleaner? → They are recruiting now