Earlier this year it was announced that Dutch early stage fund UNIIQ had also invested in ROCSYS.

Founded by a highly experienced entrepreneurial team, ROCSYS addresses the growing need for automation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (‘EV’). As the automotive world steadily moves towards self-parking and self-driving, charging automation becomes inevitable. ROCSYS’ patented solutions help operators of charging infrastructure to optimize utilization of their assets and run business critical operations with EVs. ROCSYS is based in RoboValley.

Innovative soft robotics technology
ROCSYS’ innovative soft robotics technology allows for safe and cost-efficient automation of the EV charging connection. This enables fully unmanned charging operations. Its solutions include support for high-power charging.  For example, applying ROCSYS’ technology to the currently available 350kW chargers allows an electric vehicle to be automatically charged in under 15 minutes. Combined with ROCSYS’ remote services, support, and API integration, operators can achieve unprecedented functionality, performance and ROI with their charging infrastructure and electric vehicle assets, while simultaneously getting prepared for the era of self-parking and self-driving.

“We see huge potential for the ROCSYS’ technology in the rapidly growing market for EV charging”
Paul Pruijmboom, Forward.One

“We see huge potential for the ROCSYS’ technology in the rapidly growing market for EV charging. ROCSYS offers a solution that is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry. It provides a seamless fit to the existing infrastructure which we expect will facilitate rapid market adoption. We are impressed by the quality of the team, having deep industry experience combined with the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to succeed in this highly dynamic market”, said Paul Pruijmboom, Partner of Forward.One.

“Forward.One is a highly professional VC with a strong hands-on mentality. This exactly matches what the company needs, and we are very happy to work with their fantastic team. With a total of  three professional funds backing us in our seed round we now have a strong basis to launch our innovative EV charging automation solutions in the market”, said Crijn Bouman, co-founder and CEO of ROCSYS.

ROCSYS develops solutions to fully automate professional charging sites. With its smart solutions, EV infrastructure operators can realize unprecedented functionality and increase their asset utilization. This allows fleet operators to run business critical operations with EVs and additionally prepare for the self-parking and self-driving era. ROCSYS’ solutions are based on proprietary patented soft-robotics technologies, complemented with a suite of remote management and support tools, and an API integration platform, enabling a complete solution to serve growing industry needs.