We are proud community partners of DIH2, the pan-European robotics consortium aimed at sparking innovation among manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps in Europe. The DIH 2 consortium, made up of 26 digital innovation hubs and other European institutions, is currently working with some of the most renowned experts in robotics to develop a model that represents the needs of European mid-caps and SMEs in their implementation of robotic technologies.

In order to validate this model, these experts have put together a questionnaire, and we need your answers. Here’s what you will get in return:

  • FREE robotics courses designed by the Spanish business school ISDI
  • Access to the full report when released
  • Connections with Digital Innovation Hubs from all around Europe

The rise of robotics is transforming the world. This model could become the biggest study of robotics SMEs in the European continent. Would you like to take part in the transformation?