The company has reached a new milestone, for the image recognition algorithm has become smart enough to detect and distinguish weeds from crops and has thus successfully completed the proof of concept phase regarding the first part; giving the machine vision!

Earlier this year, the company secured funding, till date most of that was used for training the algorithm. The next step is to further optimise it by applying stabilisation mechanisms to make the algorithm even more robust. Next year, Odd.Bot wants to demonstrate that agricultural workers who weed by hand can do their work more efficiently by working in collaboration with the Weed Whacker robot.

So it’s gonna be an exciting 2020 for the company, starting in Las Vegas as Odd.Bot has been selected to attend the CES! Odd.Bot developed the Weed Whacker prototype in collaboration with RoboHouse and TU Delft Robotics Institute. Using the robot reduces the need to use of herbicides and enables farmers to grow healthier crops.