Rabobank and RoboValley will collaborate to stimulate the implementation of robotics in businesses. Rabobank will invest 100,000 euro, thus becoming crown partner of RoboValley. The partnership offers Rabobank the opportunity to share robotics knowledge with customers; while RoboValley benefits from the (international) network of the bank.

As part of the partnership, Rabobank and RoboValley will develop scans that explore the possibilities of implementing robotics in a company. Robotics start-ups will be coached and support. Both parties have agreed to share knowledge with customers by publishing rapports and by organising workshops and events. Rabobank is also interested in the possibilities that robotics and artificial intelligence create in the financial sector.

Robotics is a relatively new field. Developments come at a fast pace and the implementation is often a complicated process. Besides, companies often have specific needs. For example, in regards to their financing. “This partnership allows us to better help our customers in increasing their efficiency.” Says Eric Saris, director Companies Rabobank. “Above all else, we hope this partnership with RoboValley will inspire our customers with the new possibilities that robotics creates.”

“Thanks to our strong ties with Delft, we’ve been involved with RoboValley from the beginning. We are active in many initiatives in the region in order to stimulate innovation” said Marco Hofland, Chairman of Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden. “RoboValley is the global hub for robotics. We are fully involved in the innovation ecosystem in Delft, amongst which the incubator YES!Delft. We want to use this experience for RoboValley. Given the enormous opportunities that robotics offers, I am proud that we, as crown partner, will make an important contribution to the further development of RoboValley.”

"We find that for many SMEs wanting to implement robotics experience difficulties with finding financing"

For RoboValley this partnership provides a great need. “We find that for many SMEs wanting to implement robotics experience difficulties with finding financing,” said Arthur Crook, Managing Director of RoboValley. “I am therefore pleased that we can work together with Rabobank to find solutions that allow these companies to remain competitive. Thanks to the partnership, we also gain access to a large group of companies that are going to have to face robotization.”

Read the full press release here, both in English and in Dutch.