Are you also eager to unburden care workers? Are you also burning to do something seriously positive?

RoboHouse can help you make a robot application that will bring a smile to people’s faces – once you have successfully pitched for a ZorgTech voucher at the regional development agency in our area.

This voucher gives you access to financial support, publicity and guidance by fieldlabs such as RoboHouse. We will offer you facilities for building robot applications, co-creation sessions, technical validation and engineering support.

So what’s new? There is no shortage of innovation programmes in Europe. And yes, enthusiastic innovators can spend their entire working life pitching to juries. But perhaps this one is different.

Innovation Quarter, the development agency behind ZorgTech, has three investment funds with a combined €80m of capital. It is looking for scalable solutions that can enter the market quickly and successfully. And it demands that pitches are made by a project consortium; consisting of a company, a healthcare organisation and a fieldlab, living lab or innovation lab.

Consortia in which the ultimate customers, patients, healthcare professionals and users of the technological solution are strongly represented are more likely to be awarded with a voucher.

All in all, Zorgtech is a serious opportunity to make a real difference in the healthcare sector. You can apply until September 22 at the latest. The project starts on 1 November 2020.

Give it some thought. Contact Casper van Eersel, our community manager, if you think we could be your partner in this.