This 3D printing and design company was established just 18 months ago, when three TU Delft mechanical engineering students who had invested in their own 3D printer, decided to sell the printer’s downtime. Nowadays Flint, Lars and Steven do far more than selling access to 3D printers, they are also providing valuable design services, including at the Renier de Graaf Hospital in Delft where they recently designed a way of safely and securely transporting and storing tissue samples.

Despite the success of 3Delft, Flint, Lars and Steven are setting their sights on new ambitions: namely becoming members of TU Delft’s successful student Dream Teams. Before they set to work on the next solar powered racing car, hyperloop or flying vehicle, they would like to find (three) safe pairs of hands to whom they might pass on the reins of 3Delft. Currently Flint, Lars & Steven are in the process of selecting students who would like to play in the “entrepreneur’s playground” that is called 3Delft. Want to know more about the developments of 3Delft? → Stay tuned!