A healthy horticultural industry is crucial for our supply or fruit, vegetables and flowers. But a scarcity of resources such as labour, water and energy are pushing the Netherland’s greenhouse community to experiment with high-tech methods of growing and harvesting crops – including the use of robotics.

RoboCrops is an annual event, aimed at accelerating developments in horticultural robotics, which will take place at World Horti Center and RoboHouse on 23th and 24th of April 2020.

The RoboCrop programme will include in-depth presentations and discussions on the use of robotics in horticulture. There will also be matchmaking, with the aim of connecting growers with technology companies that are currently developing robots. Meanwhile, a horticultural robotics hackathon for technical students at RoboHouse promises to sprout some good ideas. The (potentially sleep-deprived) robotics students will present their results on the 24th April in the World Horti Center.

RoboCrops is aimed at experts from the fields of greenhouse horticulture and robotics. A selection procedure is in place to ensure a well-balanced mix of technology companies, growers, R&D staff and scientists. Preliminary registration is now open to all interested in attending RoboCrops.

Colinda de Beer (Innovation Quarter) & Jaimy Siebel (RoboValley) explain why we organise RoboCrops

RoboCrops is an initiative by InnovationQuarter, Province of Zuid-Holland, World Horti Center, TU Delft and RoboHouse.