RoboCrops is a platform where growers, tech companies and other organisations interested in robots for greenhouses meet and connect. As of now the RoboCrops organisation is hard at work to organise a new timeline. We will inform you about all the details at a later moment.

What will change?

  • The event is the World Horti Centre and the Hackathon in RoboHouse will be postponed to October 2020.
  • On the original date, 24th of April, several webinars will be given as an online preview for the event later this year.

Want to get the latest info on RoboCrops?

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The goal of the webinars is to come to joint project ideas around Robotics in Agri/Horti. During the webinars the following subjects will be discussed:

9:00-11:00    Biomechanical Engineering: “A biologically inspired soft tactile robotic harvester for secure and gentle grip of vulnerable crops” 

11:15-13:15    Precision & Microsystems + Micro-electronics: “3D sensor networks and applications for autonomous, wireless sensor systems”

13:30-15:30  Cognitive Robotics / Learning & Autonomous Control: “Flexible and reliable control for autonomous robot operation in agri/horti”

15:45-17:45  Precision & Microsystems: “Design of hygienic and adaptive machines and robots using elastic mechatronics” 

The webinars on Friday April 24th each last two hours and are organised together with TU Delft, RoboHouse and Wageningen UR. If you are interested to participate please contact and let us know your 1st and 2nd choice.


During the RoboCrops Hackathon, which is organised by TU Delft, WUR and RoboHouse, students will apply their expertise to develop solutions for a real challenges in horticulture, by developing robotics applications.

More info about the Hackathon, including new dates, will be follow soon.