The first European Robotics & AI Accelerator Programme has officially started. Last Friday, the programme officially kicked off. Over the next two months, YES!Delft and RoboValley will help six start-ups to take their company to the next level.

We are happy to introduce the companies that we have selected:



“Our mission is to bring a fleet of autonomous agricultural mobile robots that operate in parallel for precision agriculture. The next generation autonomous robots that absorb sensory data from the plants and crops in farms using its sensors and use it to effectively decide and execute daily land-farming tasks autonomously in real-time without human intervention using vision and AI algorithms.”

Mentor: Richard van der Linde (FTNON Delft)


“At Airrow, we are creating a self-sufficient and smart infrastructure to support and accelerate the future of drones and robotic/autonomous vehicles, by autonomously swapping out their power source and payload. Much like a petrol station for drones, we aim to set the industry standard, accelerate the use of drone technology and cement its place in the industry as a viable and diverse form of technology.”

Mentor: Berry Mulder (Shell)

Delft Swarm Robotics

“We aim to provide self-deploying sensor networks in situations where information is crucial for safe operation, saving lives and increasing performance. By providing customers an autonomous and mobile robotic platform with custom sensor packages, they are able to quickly retrieve the vital information they need about their surroundings in order to get control.”

Mentor: Jan Koudijzer (Festo)


Small Robot Company

“We are a farmer-lead service of small robots to revolutionise arable farming. There’s Tom (collecting data) Dick (laser weeding, precision spraying) and Harry (planting). It will reduce inputs, by over 90%. It will stop compaction of soil, and the destruction of the soil biome. And it’s not for sale. It is a per-hectare service that farmers pay for by the hectare.”

Mentor: Jack Schorsch (IM Systems)

Tactile Robotics

“We design and commercialise autonomous mobile robots for the delivery of food, drinks and small goods in indoor commercial spaces populated by humans.”

Mentor: Fred Verstraaten (Vanderlande)

Applied Drone Innovations

“Improving efficiency, effectiveness & yields in the horticultural sector by introducing high resolution insight on crop and climate data using ADI’s Greenhouse Drone platform. We aim to fly our greenhouse drone autonomously inside greenhouses, to use machine vision, multi-spectral imaging and climate modelling to provide growers with critical data they are seeking, enabling efficient pesticide use, more accurate yield prediction , remote insight around the globe and affordable general inspection and scouting.”

Mentor: Herbert ten Have (Fizyr)

“Crucial in starting a successful venture in robotics is access to the right partners. RoboValley provides this access"

About the programme
The Robotics & AI Accelerator is a two month pressure cooker for business professionals, students, PhDs, engineers and scientists in the field of robotics and AI who want to test the commercial feasibility of their ideas. The programme helps participants to explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – and to launch in markets all over Europe. The programme will also introduce participants to the European robotics and AI ecosystem, and help them develop a network of peers, experts and mentors.

“Crucial in starting a successful venture in robotics is access to the right partners in industry, academia and government”, RoboValley’s managing director Anouschka Versleijen states. “RoboValley provides this access. We are looking forward to working togehter with these talented aspiring entrepreneurs and introducing them to the RoboValley ecosystem.”

The Robotics & AI Accelerator Programme is a joint venture of YES!Delft and RoboValley.