From 1 to 3 June, RoboValley will be at RoboBusiness Europe 2016 in Odense, Denmark. Bringing a compliment of companies that are associated with RoboValley, the plan is to be present all over the conference floor. During the event, the hosts of RoboBusiness Europe 2016 will pass the torch for RoboBusiness Europe 2017 to RoboValley. RoboBusiness Europe 2017 will be hosted in Delft on 20 and 21 April 2017.

Marianne Andersen, CEO of RoboBusiness Europe, has the following to say in preparation of RoboBusiness Europe 2016:

“Odense city, birthplace of H.C. Andersen, is often associated with the magic of fairy tales and romance. Nowadays, Odense – often named Robot City – is a place that could inspire writers of science-fiction. During the past decade, the city has developed into a hub for robotic technology with a world-class technology centre and a unique cluster of companies and research institutes specialising in robotics and automation.”

So, the stage is certainly set for this year’s RoboBusiness Europe conference. Here are some highlights of what you can see and who you can meet at the event:

The conference opens with a session that has the flavour of both fairy tale and science-fiction, when Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen and André Schiele, Ass. Professor, European Space Agency, enter the stage Wednesday the 1st of June, 1pm. In a ping-pong between the two, we will hear about Andreas Mogensen’s trip to the ISS in September last year and about the INTERACT experiment he carried out from space, taking control of the Interact Centaur rover on earth.

We will also get latest news from the USA and the European Robotics Roadmap from Henrik Christensen who is President Obama´s advisor for Robotics strategy and Bernd Liepert, who is president of euRobotics.

Also not to miss is best-selling author and visionary business consultant Peter Fisk, who goes on stage Friday 3rd of June to deliver his keynote speech “The Superhuman Future”. He will talk about the possibilities that technological advances are making available to us – from genetics to robotics, informatics and nanotech, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Dutch experts in various fields of robotics research and applications are widely represented as speakers at the RoboBusiness Europe 2016. Meet Dr. Martijn Wisse, Professor in Biorobotics at TU Delft, who will talk about his work with designing and controlling better, cheaper and faster robots for all. Meet also David Abbink, an associate professor at TU Delft, who will deliver a talk about designing for intuitive interaction between humans and intelligent machines. You must also be there for Team Delft who will get their robot to demonstrate its capabilities to locate and pick items off an Amazon warehouse shelf.

The preconference program starts on the 31st of May as you are invited to visit some of the local companies and institutions in Odense: Universal Robots, Egatec, The Danish technology Institute from where many of the companies arose and many others. Remember to sign up for the different Tracks when registering to attend the conference:

We also have a Pitch fire for start-up companies where you can get Pitch training – how to sell your idea/ product to investors in 2 minutes. Connect2Grow will be in charge of this session that will end up in a Pitch fire where investors will be present to evaluate if there are any upcoming start-up companies they would be interested in supporting/ investing in:

In the exhibit hall more than 70 companies have now signed up – they will showcase latest news within Robotics. Check the complete RoboBusiness Europe programme for more Dutch and international speakers and exhibitors at