After traveling over 380,000 kilometres, the orbiter and lander shall arrive at the Moon in approximately 18 Earth Days.

This incredible journey will be completed in three phases: launch, transit and land. After being launched to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), the rover and lunar orbiter will be hurdling through space at 39,000 km/h. After taking several highly elliptical orbital boosts around Earth, the orbiter will carry the lander to trans-lunar orbit when at the end of it, it will park itself in lunar circular orbit at approximately just 100 km altitude.

The orbiter will then decide where to deploy the lander from various pre-chosen landing sites at the South Pole and release the lander. Lander shall use on-board navigation software to guide itself onto the lunar surface safely and wait for couple of hours for the fine moon dust to settle. One opening the doors, first the primary rover is sent out and a few hours later, Zebro is deployed. Its first task is to report back to Earth of its arrival and walking out of the shadow of lander to charge its batteries to full capacity.