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The demand for robotics solutions is growing as a wide range of innovative robotics technologies are at, or near, commercialisation. Think of robots that can identify, measure and process a variety of unknown objects, that for example can be deployed to perform order picking tasks in warehouses. These technologies can also help improve your (complex) processes, thus improving your products and services.

We want to help organisation to take advantage of the opportunities these innovations offer by supporting them with adoption of these new technologies in our Discover programme.

The trend towards further automation demands new specialisations in the job market. RoboHouse offers a specific set of courses to train new robotic talent within its Develop programme.

RoboHouse is part of the RoboValley ecosystem and closely linked to the TU Delft Robotics Institute and therefore able to provide unique, high-end robotics solutions for organisations. Our industrial Test Centre is independent and open to all suppliers of automation technology.

Discover the possibilities the latest robotic innovations offer

Experience RoboHouse

Want to discover the latest robotics technologies with your own organisation, host an event at Robohouse, or improve your robotics skills? We can tailor our offering for your specific needs.

Develop your own robotics applications


Want to have access to the latest robotic technologies? As a RoboHouse member you will have direct access to the latest technologies created by our partners. Develop your own robotics solutions. Take full advantage of our facilities and become part of a unique robotics network.

All tools in our Make Space


We have everything you need to come up with the best solution to automate your processes.


Discover & Develop

RoboHouse offers two programmes. The Discover programme is aimed at organisations who want to find out how their business can (further) benefit from implementing advanced robotics applications. Through hands-on workshops we help understand and define what solutions could work best for your processes.

The Develop programme is aimed at everyone who wants to learn more about robotics and improve their robotics skills, whether it be programming a robot operating system or applying TensorFlow (deep learning).

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RoboHouse is a Smarty Industry Fieldlab and part of the non-profit RoboValley Foundation. Do you want to know more about our mission to facilitate robotic adoption?

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