Expo Centre


In this area you can experience what cognitive robotics applications are. The demonstrations in the Expo Centre show the latest developments from the industry and research. With our workshops we help you to discover what these technologies can mean to your organisation. An example of these workshops is an ideation session with the RoboHouse Canvas. With this custom made tool we help you to think like an automation expert from day one.

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Learn Centre


Follow a course in our Learn Centre to gain new insights and skills. Learn how to operate a robot or program a vision system. Robotic innovation can add a lot of value to processes, book a workshop to discover its potential for your organisation.

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Test Centre


Want to test your solution with the newest robotic technologies? In our industrial Test Centre you can quickly test your application in a safe environment. Choose what solution works best for your process with the products that are made available by our partners.

Test your application in a safe industrial setting?

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Make Space


Every robotics application is unique. A tailored solution could be required to get the best result. In our Make Space you can adapt your solution to meet the requirements of your application. Speed up your innovation process by using the tools in our workshop.

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Project Rooms


Develop your applications in a dedicated work space right on the TU Delft Campus. Build and test your application near all the great facilities RoboHouse offers. Profit from all the benefits the RoboValley ecosystem has to offer.

Develop your application in a dedicated Project Room

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