RoboHouse is the location where creators and end-users of intelligent automation can discover and develop new applications for advanced cognitive robotics. As Smart Industry fieldlab, we strive to collaborate with the world’s leading companies in automation. Festo, ABB, TU Delft, TNO, Innovation Quarter and RoboValley initiated RoboHouse, since an extensive list of cross-industry partners joined our shared mission. Through the support of these partners, RoboHouse is able to facilitate the adoption of new robotic technologies in The Netherlands.

Learn & Test Centre

Partners provide products and knowledge to enable new applications. They can actively be part of our course offering by either initiating their own courses or contributing to our existing courses. Products (hardware and software) might be loaned to the Test Centre, where they can be used to develop and test new application and solutions. For detailed option, please contact Team RoboHouse.

Expo Centre

Here partners can participate by either make current demonstration setups available, or by developing new setups together with our knowledge institute partners, preferably with a specific new application for an end-user in mind.

We are always eager to establish new durable partnerships

Partnerships are highly valued at RoboHouse. We always ensure our partners get the right amount of exposure. Each partner is visible at the RoboHouse entrance, on our website and through our media channels. Depending on the level of sponsorship, partners can use our beautiful presentation area for their own events.

Do you share our mission to accelerate the adoption of automation in the Netherlands? And do you believe our non-profit Fieldlab is an important entity for that?

Contact Team RoboHouse for partnership options