Understand the possibilities that the latest robotics technologies offer. Join a hands-on session at RoboHouse to experience their opportunities and limitations. Use these insights to recognise how robotics can improve your processes. We can tailor this workshop to your needs.

Get an 'Introduction into Robotics'?

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The workshop ‘Introduction into Robotics’ generally features:

  • Robotics expert presentation: The beginning of robotics, current developments and future opportunities.
  • Robotics start-up presentation: What ambitious entrepreneurs work on and why they are excited about it.
  • Two types of hands-on workshops (can be selected depending on your field and interests)
  1. Vision: learn how robots detect object and categorise them.
  2. Navigation: learn how robots interact with their environment.
  • Validation of your first ideas with robotics experts.
  • Casual drinks

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