Applying smart automation solutions is an intricate process. The Robotics Design Sprint was designed to facilitate the rapid creation and validation of your solutions. As every process is unique, the sprint set-up can be tailored to your challenges.

Combining the knowledge from your organisation with robotics expertise is crucial for successful applications. Together with you, we form a sprint team to come up with the best solutions for your processes.

Speed up your innovation process

Do a Robotics Design Sprint at RoboHouse

Developing a proof-of-principle, can require (complex) physical prototyping. The set-up of the sprint, and with the facilities of RoboHouse, for a unique combination to facilitate the necessary validation of your solutions.

The Robotics Design Sprint consist of the following elements:

  • Target: Together with experts from your company and automation expert.
  • Ideate: Come up with new solutions
  • Decide: Find the best approach to improve your processes
  • Prototype: Create a proof-of-principle (a combination of hardware and software)
  • Learn: Test your proof-of-principle in an industrial setting

Do you have an extensive process that you want to improve through smart automation? It is also possible to do multiple sprints, for more information contact Team RoboHouse.

Before your start with a sprint, it is key to identify what processes could be improved with robotic technologies. We can help facilitate this process together with our automation experts.

Do our ‘Introduction into Robotics’ workshop or join a RoboHouse Canvas session.